Our Story - Audrey Olivia - Strength & Beauty

Audrey Olivia - Nude Bras, Affordable Bras

Audrey Olivia’s name represents strength and beauty. She is an authentic, vibrant, and unashamed lover of herself, others, and new experiences. She’s always seeking out the next adventure and next thing that she can make her mark on. Her experiences have taught her that she’s worthy and that she should never accept anything less than the best. Audrey Olivia represents every woman who just wants to freely enjoy life and have an impact on everyone she comes in contact with. Our bras respond to this lifestyle by offering fun, wear-everywhere styles that support and enhance her curves, without asking her to change or compromise.
 Audrey Olivia was created by Dallas-based intimate apparel company UI Global Brands LLC and was designed to celebrate strong and beautiful women while also promoting body positivity. Audrey Olivia styles are sold at select Walmart stores and walmart.com!

Audrey Olivia is Women Owned

Psyche Terry, Founder and CEO

Vontoba Terry, Co-Founder and President